Niacinamide Mythbusting

We interview Dr Naomi about niacinamide and as her to debunk the most common myths.

What is so great about niacinamide and why Dr Naomi loves it?

I love the ingredient niacinamide, it's well researched and really is a multi-tasker with so much influence and power. For my brand, Dr Naomi Skin, which is focused on skin-brightening, it's ideal as it decreases hyperpigmentation and redness and blotchiness. Studies have also shown that it works as an antioxidant, improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves epidermal barrier function.

MYTH 1: Niacinamide is a new discovery

Niacinamide is not really a "newly discovered" ingredient, it has been researched since at least the early 2000s.

It's having a moment I believe because more skincare brands are realising, they need to use active ingredients to satisfy customers, who expect visible improvement. Customers are more sophisticated and want their ingredients and products backed by science. They don't want to waste time with hope, they want action.

MYTH 2. Niacinamide is only for acne

Niacinamide gets a lot of deserved hype for its action on acne. Its anti-inflammatory effect is an important factor, so is its effect on pigment and redness and blotchiness. However, acne isn't the only area where Niacinamide shines. It's also important in the area of skin ageing, as it will improve elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles. Everyone can benefit from Niacinamide:)

MYTH 3: Niacinamide is a rival or a replacement for Vitamin C

Niacinamide is not a rival or a replacement for Vitamin C. Please do not make me choose my favourite child-ingredient. They both have their place in routines and work well together. 

MYTH 4: Niacinamide's only use is in topical skincare creams

I know we've been talking about Niacinamide as a topical ingredient for skin so far, but it's even more important in the oral form for a certain population. Recent research shows that oral nicotinamide prevents skin cancer in high-risk patients. I have a personal history of multiple skin cancers (BCCs and SCCs) and take my Vitamin B3 tablets twice daily.