24 Years of Cosmetic Science

Dr Naomi is an Australian Cosmetic Doctor, Cosmetic Chemist and a pioneer in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. 

After studying Medicine and completing her residency at St VIncents Hospital in Sydney, she began her career in Cosmetic Medicine in 1999. Her areas of expertise for over 2 decades were in lasers and energy based devices, injectables and threads. 

Her interest in skincare began in 2000 when she created her first bespoke compounded prescription medication for patients she was treating for pigmentation with laser. While working as a Cosmetic Doctor, she became fascinated by formulating using non-prescription actives and studied to become a Cosmetic Chemist.

The skin issues Dr Naomi has an interest in are pigmentation, redness, scarring and ageing.


Dr Naomi’s joy in her aesthetics career came from transforming patients. She loved sculpting faces and improving patient’s skin with laser. Her satisfaction came from seeing her patients face the world with a new feeling of power and peace. Watching her patients achieve the lives of their dreams has always been her goal.

Dr Naomi was a pioneer in the treatment of ageing, pigmentation, acne scarring and low contrast freckle removal with IPL and laser. She created new techniques and protocols with the emerging device technologies over these last 2 decades.

Since 1999, she pioneered the use of antiwrinkle injections, PRP, biostimulators, dermal fillers, skinboosters and threads. Her special interest is using products that stimulate our own body to achieve the resutls, eg skinboosters, threads, biostimulators, PRP and  bioremodelling injections.


In 2000 Dr Naomi started compounding different bespoke prescription skincare formulas for her laser and cosmetic patients. As she continued to study formulating she decided to study to become a cosmetic chemist and formulate non-prescription skincare.

Her formulating obsession from 2001 until now has always had a focus on brightening ingredients with the aim of creating clear, smooth and plump skin.


Dr Naomi has been operating medical energy based devices for over 20 years including lasers, IPLs, radiofrequency and LEDs in-clinic to improve patients skin issues.  She describes herself as a “device buying addict” for her clinics.

She decided she wanted to take all her learnings about in-clinic devices and create the best aesthetic devices for home use, which is how LED it Glow, BDE and Clean Freak were born.


Dr Naomi’s philosophy is based around transformation. She believes in the power of aesthetics to improve people’s lives. From performing thousands of cosmetic treatments is: “A mm in the skin is a kilometre in the soul”

Coming from a clinical medical background where aesthetic patients expected the most efficient and effective skin treatments. Dr Naomi’s philosophy about powerful products and devices continues in her skincare range.

Brightening is the priority for our active skincare, with evening out the tone, improving pigmentation and redness. 



Dr Naomi believes that beauty comes from light reflection and her focus is on enabling skin to achieve the ultimate light reflection.

Her decades of work with injectable sculpting and using energy based device treatments and topical ingredients for skin concerns informs her focus on light reflection

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Our skincare philosophy is that products should be cruelty free and vegan as the minimum standard.

There are so many modern, active ingredients that there is no need to use animal based ingredients.


Our aim is to transform the skin by repairing, beautifying and protecting skin in the most efficient way possible. We formulate using the highest level of actives suitable for home use, and with 2 purposes ie for our customers to see immediate results and also improvements in the long term.

Australian Made

Our skincare is proudly made in Australia. Our office headquarters and our skincare manufacturing are in Sydney.




Dr Naomi has 2 medical clinics,  the flagship Manse in Paddington, Sydney and the Uptown Manse in Sydney’s CBD.

Her skin laboratory is also in Paddington in Sydney.

These Clinics are home to the latest available treatments for skin transformation

Her brightening skincare collection is built on over 20 years of research and work in the field of skin brightening. The collection has gained a worldwide cult following.


“Our formulations are research backed, and our aim is to achieve skin goals as quickly and safely as possible.  Our customers want action, they don’t want to buy hope. They want the best technology available to reach their skin and life goals.”

Dr Naomi



Education is always the highest priority for Dr Naomi. She started as a cosmetic medical blogger in 2011 and has been sharing medical and skincare information since that time.

Her focus on having Australia’s finest cosmetic doctors, nurses and skin therapists on her team is priority number one for Dr Naomi. Her medical team is well know for the high level and constant training which is expected to achieve this.

Her focus is on excellence and innovations in safety and efficacy in the field of cosmetic medicine.

She wants to offer patients and customers the most efficient, effective and safe options for home and in-clinic.



Dr Naomi is not just a founder of multiple businesses, she’s also a mother.

Her husband, John, has been a cosmetic nurse for over 10 years and is passionate about all natural skin treatments including skinboosters, peels and medical devices.

John is passionate about improving skin of all skin types using energy based devices. He loves performing more invasive laser treatments like ablative laser, including fractionated and full field resurfacing procedures.

John loves treating all types of pigmentation. He uses freckle removal laser, Q-switched lasers and IPL. He also loves treating redness and rosacea skin types using multiple device types including vascular laser.

He also has an interest in treating acne scarring using TCA cross and laser.

John and Naomi  have been married for 19 years. They have 2 children, Gigi and Napoleon.


Gigi and Napoleon

Gigi is studying cosmetic chemistry, business and IT. Gigi helps out with the brand formulations. She and Dr Naomi often spend weekends together in the Laboratory.

Napoleon is at school and is a game creator and a Tiktok creator in the games niche. He travels regularly with Dr Naomi and helps out with content creation.

Dr Naomi’s transformation love extends to buildings as well, and she loves restoring and keeping historical  buildings healthy for the future generations to enjoy.


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