Pore Relation
120mL / 4.06 fl.Oz

Power Essence to refine skin & minimise pores

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Big Pores, you can’t sit with us! Thankfully this skin saviour comes to the rescue giving ‘Big Pores’ a minimising makeover. Dual action, this toner & exfoliator combo works to refine and shrink the appearance of pores leaving a cleaner, smoother and more even skin tone. Your Pore Relations have never been better.

  • Contains our Proprietary Brightening Cocktail
  • Multi-Level Exfoliation: AHA Fruit Mix – a blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids including
    Myrtillus Fruit, Sugar Cane, Orange and Lemon extracts work to exfoliate, nourish and smooth
    skin. Salicylic Acid (BHA) works by gently and safely exfoliating dead skin cells which speeds
    up the natural process of skin turnover.
  • Skin Comforting: Willowherb extract, Witch Hazel & Bio Honey offer antioxidant, anti-irritant and skin soothing properties. Alcohol-free, non-drying.
  • Probiotics: Lactococcus Ferment Lysate offers an anti-aging approach toward skin renewal with the regenerative power of probiotics. It works to increase the production of antimicrobial peptides & fortify the skin’s natural barrier.

After cleansing, dispense 2 pumps into the palms of hands and gently pat across the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Use morning or night on alternate days, gradually building to daily use as tolerated. Sun Sensitivity: Always apply a SPF during the day when using active skincare products. APPLICATION TIP: Press into skin softly to enhance absorption with the pads of your fingers.

In the AM

Use Pore Relation after cleansing and before serums. Pat into skin every other day before building to daily. Be sure to wear an SPF (you should be anyway), but especially with this guy.

In the PM

Use Pore Relation after cleansing and before serums and night creams. Pat into skin every other night before building to nightly. Pair with Walk of Shine in the morning.

Hero Ingredients

Brightening Cocktail

Dr Naomi’s proprietary blend is full of high performing actives and ingredients that target pigmentation, improve clarity and restore a luminous, diamond-worthy sparkle to your skin.

AHA Fruit Mix

A natural blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) made from Myrtillus fruit, sugar cane, orange and lemon extracts to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. Increases cell turnover, while buffing to a brighter, smoother complexion.


Lactoccus Ferment Lystate is a youth-boosting gun. Fast tracks cell turnover, fortifies the skin’s barrier and balances the microbiome. No big deal.