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The Consult: Dr Naomi will see you now

We’ve all got our own skincare concerns, whether you’re on the hunt for blemish control, or preventing acne scars, pigmentation or even dark spots – if only there were a miracle product that could target all of the above, at once. Turns out, there kind of is. Introducing our intensive corrective wand Sweet Spot.

It’s super powers come from it’s high levels of active ingredients – we’re talking 17% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) thanks to a potent blend of AHA Fruit Acid Mix (10%), Glycolic Acid (2%) and Mandelic Acid (5%), as well as 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) courtesy of Salicylic Acid. This combination works to resurface, exfoliate and lift unwanted pigment from skin, as well as dissolving dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

On top of this highly active acid blend is a complex of pigment-fading, high-performance ingredients formulated from Made White and SkinBrite technology, used for their brightening and lightening capabilities. Not only do these correct pigment, but prevent future pigment formation, too.

To better understand Sweet Spot and how it can improve your skin, Dr Naomi answers your most pressing questions…

Q: I have clear skin, but every now and then I’ll wake up with a huge pimple – usually around the time of a big event or work meeting. Can you recommend a quick-fix I can always rely on? – Kelsey

A:  Everyone needs to keep a tube of Sweet Spot in their bathroom for these annoying times. Apply it as soon as you notice the pimple and then 24 hours later. It’s fast acting and should help with the pimple-related downtime associated, and hopefully get you looking improved by the time of your event.

Q: My skin tone is dark and uneven and I’ve inherited both dark spots and sun spots genetically and from lazy sun protection. I use Vitamin C and a routine specific to pigmentation, but is there a targeted solution for those hard-to-fade patches I can use as a treatment at-home? – Marielle

A: OK please make sure you are using sunscreen every day and also a hat would be ideal. Continue the brightening range for your pigmentation, especially the Let’s C, Niacinamide – Let it B and Retinol – Vitamin Amen, also my proprietary brightening cocktail is useful here. On top of your background routine, Sweet Spot is a powerful and targeted treatment for spots that will supercharge your routine.

Q: I have adult acne and blemishes and stick to a routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and Vitamin A at night. But are there any other ingredients or products I should be implementing into my weekly routine to try and diminish white-heads and the fading associated with breakouts? – Jordan

A: Sweet spot is great for pimples including baby breakouts, but for these kinds of breakouts I recommend using a cotton bud to apply, using only a small amount. It’s also good to help with the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can come as a result of inflammation after pimples.

Dr Naomi’s Notes:

  • For targeting dark spots: Sweet Spot is best used overnight once or twice a week at most, to help fade dark spots (targeted areas only), as it’s highly potent.
  • For targeting blemishes: Sweet spot is best used overnight as a powerful pimple zapper. Apply sparingly to blemishes, maximum two times per day, for maximum of two consecutive days at a time.
  • Not recommended if your skin is not suited to high active levels.

Intensive Spot Treatment

Sweet Spot

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Ultimate A Serum

Vitamin Amen

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Hydrating Serum

Let It B

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A word of warning
This product contains high levels of active ingredients. Please start slow and follow all instructions for use. Apply sparingly on dark spots and/or blemishes as required, maximum 2 times per day, for maximum of 2 consecutive days at a time.

Sun Sensitivity: Always apply a SPF during the day when using active skincare products. Some slight skin resurfacing is normal. If irritation persists, please discontinue use.