Dr Naomi's Lazy One-Step Skincare Routine

We all have those nights when we are not in the mood for the usual skincare effort. We asked Dr Naomi for her top tips for a routine when she is feeling lazy.

Dr Naomi, we heard you have a "lazy night" routine? What is it?

Yes, I do my one-step lazy routine twice weekly. I do it on those nights I'm feeling exhausted and want minimal effort and max results.

It is using our overnight facial product, One Night Stand.

Why do you like this product?

I love One Night Stand for many reasons. It’s our most powerful product in the range.  Coming from a cosmetic medical background, results and transformation are the reason I chose this field 20 years ago. I love making people more beautiful and happier with their appearance. This product is an at-home resurfacing treatment that is closest to the treatments my team of skin therapists perform in my cosmetic clinics.

Dr Naomi Skin is a brightening range, so clearing the skin and making light reflect more beautifully from skin is our aim. Our goal is smooth, plump, radiant and bright skin.

More importantly for me, One Night Stand is so efficient! Sometimes I'm feeling tired or lazy and I just need a night off the effort of a 7-step routine! 

I still want action and high performance though, so One Night Stand is perfect.

It’s a highly active and penetrating mask. It’s so popular because of the visible transformation aspect. Our customers see the change in their skin overnight. As it's a potent resurfacing treatment, the morning skin is softer and smoother and glowing. It’s ideal for those who want to age well, also to smooth uneven skin, improve pores, reduce pigment, or for those who need help with congestion.

How powerful is it?

One Night Stand is a very active product so really it has to be a standalone in a PM routine due to its power. The formulation is creamy and gorgeous. 

Due to its power, it could also be considered more of a “skin cycling” product. It can only be used at a maximum of twice weekly. 

What are the ingredients?

It has 15% Glycolic Acid and 1% Bakuchiol and Niacinamide and of course, our Brightening Cocktail. It also has Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract and Centella Asiatica.

How to use it?

I wash and dry my face then apply One Night Stand. That’s it. So simple. I leave it on all night and then do my routine as normal the next day. 

It is very strong, so for those new to it, it should first be used as a 15-minute wash-off mask and if it’s tolerated well, it can be slowly increased over time.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Not all customers can use this product overnight and need to introduce it gradually. Customers who are not used to active products should be careful when starting One Night Stand. Customers with sensitive skin should be very careful, and it may not be suit.

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One Night Stand

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