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Dr Naomi McCullum

Cosmetic Doctor, Student Cosmetic Chemist. Founder, Dr Naomi Skin and The Manse Clinics.

1. Who can benefit from a home LED mask?

LED treatments are for beauty achievers, including those who want to help their ageing and optimise their skin. It is for customers who want to promote skin healing and photo-rejuvenation.
It can help for following skin issues

· skin wrinkling,
· rough skin,
· thin/crepey skin,
· reduced elasticity [saggy skin], and
· Skin dyschromias like pigmentation and redness

2. How does LED work?

LED emits photons and these light photons are delivered to the skin. The wavelength determines the specific target. When our skin cells absorb the photons, the cell becomes photoactivated.

When the cells are in a photoactivated state they are able to repair and also function more efficiently. e.g. fibroblasts, which are the cells that synthesise collagen and elastin, will be more efficient at this function.

3. Which light is best for you?

Which wavelength of light which is best for you will depend on what you are targeting.
The Blue 415nm wavelength is used for acne.
The Red Wavelength 630nm +/- 5nm is great for skin rejuvenation / wrinkle reduction, acne (anti-inflammatory), pigment and redness
The IR (infrared) wavelength of 830nm penetrates deeper and is great for sun damage and wound healing


4. Which Skin Concerns does LED tackle?

LED can tackle inflammation and healing and photorejuvenation.
Many skin issues can be improved, e.g. fine lines, fine skin, rough skin, blemishes and uneven skin tone, pigmentation acne and sagginess

5. The difference between a professional LED light and an at home device?

In-clinic LEDs may have a higher irradiance (ie power density) compared with at -home masks. There are many different brands of both types, and they may have similar wavelengths and may have single or multiple wavelengths in the device.

6. How to find a good LED mask.

· Irradiance is really important. The ideal irradiance is not too high and not too low. Irradiances above 50 should be avoided for those who don’t want to trigger heat induced melasma. Too low an irradiance may mean that the power is too low, or the treatment time will be too high. The irradiance of the Dr Naomi Skin LED it Glow is 20-30 mw/cm².
· More colours are not necessarily better, Wavelengths used should have good research behind them to back it up. The best evidence is for the wavelengths of 630nm +/- 5nm and 830nm.
· a 1-year warranty is really important
· The mask needs to be comfortable and flexible.
· Portability is important and the best masks don’t need to be plugged in.
· Enough facial coverage is important
· Global travel adaptors for those who intend to use overseas.

7. How to get the most out of your mask.

The main thing is if you buy it, please use it! Having a purchased one sitting around unused is sad
Make sure you use it as directed.
Use it in conjunction with cosmeceuticals for best results (as directed by the supplier).
Keep it flat when storing.

8. Any safety concerns people might need to be across?

Make sure you use it as directed. Do not use it outside of directions.
An example would be that we don’t want to use it for too long and the device gets too hot, as it could worsen melasma.



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