Dr Naomi’s Winter Skincare Switch Ups

Cool temperatures, icy wind and piping hot air-conditioning can suck the hydration right out of your skin, leaving your complexion feeling dry and tight and worse, looking dull and flaky.

Your skincare routine should change just as the seasons do, and Winter is a time to up the ante on in-clinic treatments like lasers and peels, and at-home active ingredients. But there’s a fine line to walk, as dry and dehydrated skin can trigger irritation and inflammation, especially when you’re putting powerful treatments in the mix.

Much like we share in Dr Naomi’s Summer Skincare Switch Ups, the warmer weather is a time to switch to lighter formulas, and the colder weather is – yep, you guessed it: the time to switch to heavier, more intensely nourishing formulas. Think: occlusives, such as face oils and humectants, like serums. Here, Dr Naomi shares her winter-approved skincare swaps…

“Just like Summer, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water regularly. To keep my skin from feeling dry and tight I cleanse with Gently Gently (did you know, it’s a new-and-improved formula?) it helps reduce redness while conditioning my skin.

I keep my super hydrating, triple Hyaluronic Acid serum Let it B in the fold all-year round for deep hydration. Then, to protect my skin from becoming sensitised and compromised I keep Care Factor close by for any irritated or flaky patches.

In the evening I like to use more actives as my complexion is getting less sun exposure. Luckily, I formulate all of my products with brightening at the forefront, so I never have to worry that my face is falling prey to ‘Winter Dullness’. I’ll use One Night Stand as long as my skin isn’t feeling too sensitised or dry, as well as Vitamin Amen. To lock in moisture and keep my skin barrier intact I moisturise with Plump Fiction and for extra nourishment – and that extra glow and lift, I massage Lift Off over the top every other night.”

Gently Gently 

Balancing Cleanser to soothe & remove impurities

Hydrating Serum

Care Factor

Repairing Serum to soothe redness, sensitivity & enhance skin health

Vitamin A Serum

Let it B

Hydrating Serum to rehydrate, plump & glow

Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin Amen 

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Serum to target fine lines & wrinkles

Anti aging moisturiser

Plump Fiction 

Anti-Ageing Moisturiser to tighten, firm & deeply hydrate

Anti aging moisturiser

One Night Stand

AHA Overnight Facial to brighten, tighten & resurface

Lift Off

Super Oil to visibly tighten, lift & deeply nourish

Firming Super oil

Swipe Bright 

Super Oil to brighten, even skin tone & balance skin

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