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The Consult: Dr Naomi’s Summer Skincare Switch Ups

Seasonally-affected skin issues like dryness, dehydration, irritation, breakouts, clogged pores, redness and sunburn (where is your SPF, hun?) are real and are also the reason you need to make strategic moves to allow your skin to function at its best.

Summer skin is thirsty, it’s oily and it’s exposed to harsh UV rays, so you’re going to want to update your arsenal to include hydration, pore refiners, deep cleansers, antioxidants, exfoliants and of course, more SPF protection than usual.

The simplest place to start once the weather warms up is to swap to lighter textures that are easy to layer and won’t slip, slide or contribute to congestion. But there’s a tonne of other tips and tricks to keep the sweat (or oil) from your brow, brighten and buff away dullness from winter hibernation and up the ante on actives while keeping sun sensitivity in mind. Here, Dr Naomi shares her seasonal skin swaps…

“During summer, I’m extra vigilant with my skincare routine. My biggest tip is to make sure you don’t undo all the good work you did over the winter months. Step up your antioxidants using Vitamin C daily and sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen (yes, if in doubt always reapply).

Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking a lot of water regularly. I usually like to switch to a lightweight moisturiser (shout out to Over Achiever) for my daytime routine and sometimes I just simply use my super hydrating, triple Hyaluronic Acid serum Let it B for deep hydration.

At night I add a lightweight oil like Swipe Bright to boost my brightening routine overnight by adding extra nourishment from the botanical oil blend along with three oil soluble power brightening ingredients that will help keep pigment at bay.

And yes, we all make mistakes… and in case you have overexposed your skin to the elements (particularly sun and salt water) Care Factor is the perfect skin restoring serum to help soothe and repair overnight to ensure you boost skin barrier integrity, reduce redness and sensitivity. (Hack: Keep it in the fridge for extra an cooling and soothing sensation.)”

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