Before & After Skincare for Pigmentation, Texture & Spots

  • "I have struggled with pigmentation for years and have never experienced any changes with other brands before, even after using consistently for 12 months. I decided to try Dr Naomi's Let's C & Vitamin Amen as a last resort (after falling in love with ApocaLips)."

    Cass (Dr Naomi Skin Customer)

  • Cass wanted to clear up her skin and address the colour issues of redness and brown areas.
    On examination we see a diffuse area of pigmentation on the forehead and some areas of redness and pigmentation.
    The after results show visible improvement in the pigmentation, skin texture, fine lines, redness and brown spots.

  • Pigmentation diffuse
    Dull texture
    Brown spots

  • The patient's routine combined a few of Dr Naomi's must haves for glowing, luminous & smoother skin.
    Walk Of Shine, A simple, yet effective dual action pearlised gel cleanser and exfoliant is designed for effortless cleansing, skin renewal & gentle resurfacing, leaving skin sparkling clean.

    Pore Relation, A dual action Power Essence pore minimising toner & daily exfoliator all-in-one. Skin resurfacing & balancing, this non-stripping, alcohol-free, everyday water-like active essence, will brighten, refine and even out skin tone. Perfect to also address rough skin texture over the body too!
    Vitamin Amen, a multi-level, microencapsulated, skin perfecting Vitamin A power serum that plays as hard as you do. Combining 3 types of Vitamin A, Peptides and skin soothers, this all-round, anti-ageing and skin perfecting serum is one to worship. 'A-men'.
    Plump Fiction, The perfect anti-ageing moisturiser formulated with Plant Epidermal Growth Factors, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity and firmness, restore vital hydration and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
    Over Achiever, A lightweight brightening 'cream to water' wonder moisturiser is ideal to restore healthy skin barrier function, soothe redness and minimise the appearance of pores.